Handmade Shellac

Handmade Shellac
Product Description
Seedlac is changed over into Shellac either by conventional hand made procedure or relatively contemporary machine made procedure. Our handmade shellac is made by appropriately mixing Seedlac into length thin fabric bad, warming one corner over charcoal flame, the flip side is connected to a windless and then is slowly twisted. The thermal generated through the charcoal fire liquefies the lac that is constrained out through the fabric by force. The liquid lac is scratched out, drawn into layers manually and afterward, left to dry. This procedure requires extensive manual ability and long involvement. Our Handmade Shellac is free from any sort of unsafe materials. The quality analyzers examines our Shellac in the middle of its formulation stages, to ensure that solely the finest item reaches the end customers. Our Shellac is broadly utilized by the customers for their different purposes.

  • Floor finishing
  • Interior wood works
  • Paper industry
  • Leather Industry
  • Handmade Lemon Shellac
  • Handmade Superior Kusmi Shellac
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